Webinar "Policy Landscape in Skilling in BRICS Nations" (online)

2021-10-12 / Анонсы

Webinar on "Policy Landscape in Skilling in BRICS Nations" will take place on Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 1600 Hrs (IST) on ZOOM.

BRICS Skills Development Working Group seeks to improve the professional and technical skills of the workforce, to enable BRICS nations to face industry 4.0 dynamics as a united group of emerging countries. Towards this endeavor, the "Webinar on Policy Landscape in Skilling in BRICS Nations" aims to bring the key stakeholders in the skilling ecosystem of BRICS countries together on a common platform with focus on following areas:

- Sharing of knowledge on existing skills policy, regulatory frameworks, along with recent changes or additions by the respective governments to improve productivity and benchmark it to global standards.
- The discussions during the webinar will create a basis to explore areas where joint projects in research and innovation can be initiated.

Who should attend:

- Industry representatives including professionals from Human Resource Development (HRD), Skill development, capacity building domains
- Skilling providers
- Nodal skilling agencies