Apolitical people to gladly take part in 2024 BRICS Games in Russia — Putin

2023-09-12 / Новости

VLADIVOSTOK, September 12. /TASS/. Anyone who is not concerned with politics will be happy to take part in such sports competitions as the Games of the Future and the BRICS Games in Russia next year, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday speaking at the plenary session of the 2023 Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

"Next year we will be hosting the Games of Future and the BRICS Games. Everyone will be happy to take part in them. Everyone, who is apolitical," he said.

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) is taking place in Vladivostok on September 10-13. The slogan for this year’s forum is: On the Path to Partnership, Peace and Prosperity. The Roscongress Foundation is the event organizer. TASS is the EEF’s general information partner.

The 2024 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Games will be hosted by the Russian city of Kazan between June 12 and 23 and will feature events in 25 different sports.
Games of the Future

The inaugural cybersport Games of the Future in 2024 will consist of new disciplines using advanced technology, the digital environment and physical activity. The competitions are designed to use cutting-edge developments in cybersports, robotics, both augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR), information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The tournament offers $25 million in prize money.

As part of the preparations for the Games of the Future, Russia has organized a series of Phygital Games. The first Phygital Games were held on September 21-23, 2022, the second - from November 24 through December 10, 2022, the third - on February 5-11, and the fourth - on March 9-10. The 5th edition of the Phygital Games was hosted by Kazan on May 16-19.

Origin: https://tass.com/sports/1673753